My name is Adam Różyński and I'm iOS, OS X developer and designer from Poland.
Micropixels is my small project where I develop and design apps for the OS X and iOS in my spare time.
Professionally I'm iOS Developer at Robo3DVision.

Here you can find links to my projects and social networks.

Simple to use, yet powerful iTunes controller with scrobbler that is light, super reliable and fully works with Apple Music streaming and radio and can help you with discovering new music. Only $3.99.

Your ship, the fastest fighter in our galaxy is equipped with the state of the art controller – your iPhone or Siri Remote on Apple TV. Swipe or tap to change the course.

In the Multiplication you need to solve multiplication exercises in 60 seconds. You have 5 seconds to solve one exercise. For good answer you'll receive 2 points, for bad or lack of answer -1 point. So the faster you are, the more points you earn.

Also, I have a blog.
You can find more info about me here: